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  1. Galanthus plicatus yellow cultivars.

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    In our collection we have four yellow cultivars of Galanthus plicatus.  Here is a description of them using Snowdrops A Monograph of Cultivated Galanthus, so prehaps you can tell them apart in future.  One little thing to note is that the yellow colouring of these snowdrops can vary depending on your soil type.

    Galanthus plicatus 'Bill Clark'

    New to our collection in the past couple of years, I am yet to take a decent image.  Taller than 'Wendy's Gold', with pale to mid-green leaves, the flowers are nicely shaped and held on scapes that rise well above the leaves.  The inner segment marking is a perfect solid yellow circle with just a small notch missing where it sits above the sinus.

    Galanthus plicatus 'Madelaine'

    Is one of the most vigorous of the yellow snowdrops, flowering mid-season with nice fresh green leaves.  It has yellow-tipped inner petals with a greenish-yellow ovary.

    galanthus plicatus madelaine cornovium snowdrops

    Galanthus plicatus 'Wandlebury Ring'

    This cultivar was chosen in 1991, after carefully selected crosses of 'Wendy's Gold' with other yellow snowdrops by Bill Clark.  It's strong scapes make it taller than 'Wendy's Gold'.  With its flowers hanging from a yellowish pedicel we have found it has bulked up quickly.

    galanthus plicatus wandlebury ring cornovium snowdrops

    Galanthus plicatus 'Wendy's Gold'

    With the largest area of yellow on the inner segment of the plicatus cultivars, the colouring can vary depending on your soil type.  'Wendy's Gold' has a tendency to not grow into tight clumps but spread themselves apart.  We have a few clumps from different sources, but the bulbs that give us the best colour came from Margaret Owen's The Patch in Shropshire. 

    galanthus plicatus wendys gold cornovium snowdrops

  2. Autumn in the Snowdrop Garden

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    Autumn is the time of year when we all start putting the garden to bed for the winter.  However in a garden like ours we are tidying ready for the explosion of bulbs that will appear at the beginning of the year!  Being careful where you put your feet makes the job ten times harder, as already the bulbs are starting to wake from their summer slumber. We find it important to remove all leaf litter from around the bulbs as this is where the slugs like to hide, and there's nothing worse than them enjoying a feast of one of your favourite spring bulbs!  Once tidied, we like to put a mulch of wood chips around the bulbs, this helps to make the garden look tidy, suppress weeds and makes an unpleasant surface for slugs and snails.

    The first Snowdrop to show for the season is Galanthus elwesii Hiemalis Group 'Barnes' making an appearance by the end of October, we can expect flowers up until Christmas depending on the weather.  The well-known autumn Snowdrop Galanthus reginae-olgae subsp. reginae-olgae has flowered as early as September for us, but this year we are still waiting for it to get going.  An interesting Snowdrop that likes being baked in the summer months, it flowers before its leaves appear.

    galanthus elwesii group barnes cornovium snowdrops

  3. Welcome to Cornovium Snowdrops

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    Welcome to our new website.  We have been growing Galanthus for over 10 years and have now got to the situation where to keep our snowdrops looking good we have to start splitting our clumps, the only problem for us with this is that we are running out of space!  Hence the birth of Cornovium Snowdrops.

    All our snowdrops are grown free-range out in the garden in our sandy acidic soil.  We have over 250 varieties in our collection, though not all of them will be on offer for sale. We will be adding more varieties as the season gets going, so please keep check back with us!

    galanthus plicatus washfield wareham